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We Saw is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

Ways in which this can be of aid to you
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Basic benefits:
Our computers are already setup with
numerous browsers to check that your
web page display is as you desired.

It can save you the time, resources
and frustration associated with up
front research, downloading, setup
and testing other web browsers.

It helps to avoid your own computer
system from having its foundation
security base become potentially
compromised by the download(s).
We do not leave it to chance that
a gracious visitor will take the
time to inform you of a display
error. Instead, we send you a
screen image so you can see
for yourself.

Given there is a problem:
It is not only less stressful but
much more harmonious and efficient
to provide your site designer an
actual picture of the problem
to correct, rather than for
either of you to be caught
off-guard or unaware.

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