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We Saw is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

About this service
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

We will visit your web page, create a
copy of the browser image We Saw there
and send a copy of that display to you
- based upon its virtual presentation,
rendered by a browser of your choosing.

Our specialty:
This is a remote cross-browser testing
site - most useful for anyone wanting
to avoid downloading, installing and
configuring another web browser, yet
wishing to see how a specific web
page is displayed by a different
browser than the one presently
in their own computer setup.

The browsers we employ:
Netscape Navigator 4.7
Internet Explorer  6.0
Firefox            1.0
Mozilla            1.4
Opera              6.0

The process:
Your order specifies the page to validate,
and we will do so. The shot(s) will then
be sent to you for personal inspection,
in either the .jpg or .gif file format.

The goal:
It is our desire that this will prove to be
equally beneficial to you, as it has been
for us, in uncovering unintentional yet
correctable programming oversights.

The price:
Per copy of what WeSaw = $ 33

Our parent company began at the
end of 1999, went online in early
2000, and has been conducting cross
browser tests on web sites ever since.

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